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IRS 1098 2022-2024 free printable template

Attention: Copy A of this form is provided for informational purposes only. Copy A appears in red, similar to the official IRS form. The official printed version of Copy A of this IRS form is scalable,
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How to fill out 1098 2022-2024 form


How to fill out 1098:

Start by gathering all the necessary information, such as your name, address, and taxpayer identification number.
Fill in the recipient's information, including their name, address, and taxpayer identification number.
Indicate the amount of mortgage interest received by the recipient during the tax year.
Report the amount of real estate taxes paid on behalf of the recipient.
Include any points paid on the mortgage, if applicable.
Provide the name, address, and taxpayer identification number of the lender.
Review the form for accuracy and make any necessary corrections.
Sign and date the form before submitting it to the appropriate party.

Who needs 1098:

Individuals who have paid mortgage interest and need to report it for tax purposes.
Financial institutions or lenders who have received mortgage interest payments and are required to provide the form to the recipient.
Tax professionals or accountants who assist individuals or institutions with tax filings and need the form to accurately complete the return.
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People Also Ask about 1098

Comments and Help with form 1098 2022

What is the IRS Form 1098 2023?

The 1098 Form is the Mortgage Interest Statement. This form is an IRS information return prepared by mortgage lenders and issued to mortgage borrowers. The form reports various information relating to the lender, the borrower, and the mortgage. Typically, if property taxes are paid through escrow, property taxes paid during the year will also be reflected on Form 1098.

Who needs to file Form 1098 (mortgage interest statement) 2023?

File the 1098 Form if you are engaged in a trade or business and, in the course of such trade or business, you receive from an individual $600 or more of mortgage interest on any one mortgage during the calendar year. You are not required to file this form if the interest is not received in the course of your trade or business. For example, if you hold the mortgage on your former personal residence and the buyer makes mortgage payments to you. In this case, you are not required to file this Property Tax Form 1098.

What information do I need to fill out Form 1098?

Completing the 1098 form is simple. The left side of the form reflects information relating to the lender and the borrower. The right side of the form (boxes 1-6) reflects information relating to the mortgage interest received from the borrower (Box 1), outstanding mortgage principal as of January 1st (Box 2), mortgage origination date (Box 3), refund of overpaid interest (Box 4), mortgage insurance premiums (Box 5), and points paid on the purchase of principal residence (Box 6). Boxes 7-9 relate to the property and the address that is securing the mortgage.

How do I fill out Form 1098 online in 2024?

Copy A (appears in red) of an electronic version of the 1098 form is not scannable and is for informational purposes. You may fill out copies B and C of the document online. Here’s how you can fill out the mortgage interest statement form online with pdfFiller:

  1. Click Get Form to get started.
  2. Open Form 1098 in the editor and review the instructions.
  3. Click on the required field and enter your information.
  4. Click DONE when the form is complete.

After completing your mortgage interest statement, select what you would like to do next by choosing any available delivery or saving options.

What other documents must accompany the 1098 Form?

There are three copies of the mortgage interest statement, copies A, B, and C. Copy A of the form is submitted to the IRS. Copy B of the form is issued to the payer/borrower, and copy C of the form is for the lender’s records. Form 1098 has to be accompanied by Form 1096, which is a transmittal form.

When is the IRS Form 1098 due?

  1. The copy B of Form 1098 must be furnished to the payer by the 31st of January 2022.
  2. Copy A is to be filed with the IRS by the 28th of February 2022 or the 31st of March if filed electronically.

Where do I send Form 1098?

You may not need to submit a 1098 form with your tax return. Copy B of Form 1098 mortgage interest statement form must be provided to the payer, and Copy A of this form must be filed with the IRS.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1098
Instructions and Help about 1098 mortgage interest 2022 form
Welcome to PDF run in this video we'll guide you on how to fill out form 1098 form 1098 or mortgage interest statement is a legal tax form from the internal revenue service IRS used by taxpayers to report their annual mortgage in the course of their trade or business to begin filling out this document click on the fill online button this will redirect you to PDF runs online editor before starting please take note that form 1098 has to be filled out in three separate copies copy a for the IRS copy b for the payer and borrower and copy c for the recipient and lender first for the recipient or lender enter the following details the full legal name the full address including the street city or town state or province and zip or foreign postal code phone number and the taxpayer identification number tin for the payer or borrower enter the following details the tin followed by the payer or borrower's name street address city or town state or province and the zip or foreign postal code for box one enter the total amount of interest received on the mortgage from the payers or borrowers during...


  • What is 1098?
    1098 is a form used to report certain types of income on an individual's tax return. It is typically used to report mortgage interest payments, real estate taxes, and other income related to owning a home.
  • Who is required to file 1098?
    Generally, any person or entity that is engaged in a trade or business and who received payments of $600 or more in a year for services provided (including rents) is required to file Form 1098. This includes sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, and other entities.
  • How to fill out 1098?
    1. Start by filling out the form in black ink. 2. In Box 1, enter the total amount of rent you received from tenants during the tax year. 3. In Box 2, enter any late fees or other income you received from tenants during the tax year. 4. In Box 3, enter any prepaid rent you received from tenants during the tax year. 5. In Box 4, enter any security deposits you received from tenants during the tax year. 6. In Box 5, enter any expenses you paid on behalf of tenants during the tax year. 7. In Box 6, enter any insurance premiums you paid on behalf of tenants during the tax year. 8. In Box 7, enter any utilities or other services you provided to tenants during the tax year. 9. In Box 8, enter any other income you received from tenants during the tax year. 10. In Box 10, enter the name, address, and taxpayer identification number of the landlord or property owner. 11. In Box 11, enter the name, address, and taxpayer identification number of the tenant or occupant. 12. Sign and date the form at the bottom.
  • What is the purpose of 1098?
    The 1098 form is used to report mortgage interest of $600 or more that was paid to a lender during a given tax year. It is used by taxpayers to claim the mortgage interest deduction.
  • What information must be reported on 1098?
    A 1098 form is used to report mortgage interest paid in a given year. The form includes information such as the name, address, and Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the borrower, the lender's TIN, the amount of mortgage interest paid during the year, and the amount of any points paid. It may also include information about any mortgage insurance premiums paid.
  • When is the deadline to file 1098 in 2023?
    The deadline to file Form 1098 for the 2023 tax year is April 15, 2024.
  • What is the penalty for the late filing of 1098?
    The penalty for filing a Form 1098 late is $50 per form, with a maximum penalty of $536,000 per year for small businesses (those with gross receipts of $5 million or less).
  • How can I manage my 1098 directly from Gmail?
    You may use pdfFiller's Gmail add-on to change, fill out, and eSign your 2022 form 1098 as well as other documents directly in your inbox by using the pdfFiller add-on for Gmail. pdfFiller for Gmail may be found on the Google Workspace Marketplace. Use the time you would have spent dealing with your papers and eSignatures for more vital tasks instead.
  • Where do I find 1098 mortgage interest form?
    It's simple with pdfFiller, a full online document management tool. Access our huge online form collection (over 25M fillable forms are accessible) and find the 1098 form in seconds. Open it immediately and begin modifying it with powerful editing options.
  • Can I create an electronic signature for the form 1098 in Chrome?
    Yes. With pdfFiller for Chrome, you can eSign documents and utilize the PDF editor all in one spot. Create a legally enforceable eSignature by sketching, typing, or uploading a handwritten signature image. You may eSign your 1098 form 2022 in seconds.
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